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Hi, my name is Rob Gabriel. I started Gabriel's Honey Farm as a business in 1982 but my interest in beekeeping began many years before that. I was always interested in animals as a child and became fascinated by bees at the age of nine when my school teacher (who was a hobby beekeeper) brought an old beehive into school. That same teacher provided me with my first beehive. I continued to keep bees as a hobby through my school years. When I left school at 18 I started work as a beekeeping assistant for company called E.H. Taylors of Welwyn.

Taylors were the largest producer of beekeeping equipment in the UK and my job was to produce the bees which were sold to new or existing customers to start their hives. I left Taylors in 1979 to work for Cloverdale Honey in British Columbia, Canada which belonged to my relations Anne & Roger Clapham. Whilst working for Anne & Roger I had the chance to visit Smith’s Honey Farm in Northern Alberta. Fred Smith operated 3000 hives. Fred was impressed with my work and invited me back to work for him full time the following year. I was given the job of managing half of the 3000 hive outfit producing hundreds of tons of the famous Canadian Clover Honey. I worked hard and learned fast. All of my time in Canada was a fantastic experience and one that I will never forget.

I returned home with a wealth of commercial beekeeping experience and decided to set up my own honey farm. Starting out with some savings I purchased 25 beehives (with bees) from various parts of the country and constructed some additional equipment. During this formative period I had to take on many part time jobs such as delivery driver, factory worker, postman and tomato grower to finance the building up of the business from my original 25 hives to the 400 that I own today.

In 1990 I purchased a parcel of land and constructed a purpose built honey extraction facility. Today with over 40 years of beekeeping experience I (along with my wife) operate one of the most up to date and progressive honey farms in the UK.


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 30 years ago in Canada

Rob 30 years ago in Canada


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