We post our honey to you in traditional glass jars with a metal twist lid. They come securely packed in a cardboard box, via Parcel Force, which we will try to get to you within 5 days.

The postage/shipping cost are worked out on a sliding scale that depends on how many jars you purchase. The shipping cost is calculated when you get to the checkout, however, we have found that it is better if you know before hand what it will cost you so please check the postage/shipping costs below.

Please also be aware that this postage/shipping cost only and does not include the price of your honey which is 3.00 per 340g jar.

Postage :-

1 jar = 3.00 2 jars = 5.00

3 jars = 5.50 4 jars = 8.00

5 jars = 8.50 6 jars = 10.00

7 jars = 10.50 8 jars = 12.00

9 jars = 12.50 10 jars = 14.00

If you would like to purchase more jars than are mentioned above please contact us via our Contact Us page.