Beekeeping Year

January to February

Inside the Hive These are usually the coldest months of the year. The bees will be forming a football sized circle called a “cluster”. The centre of the cluster can be as warm as 38C even when the outside temperature plummets well below freezing. The colony is dormant and must conserve its precious stores of honey to survive the next few months. On mild sunny days the bees can exit the hive and fly to cleanse themselves but must quickly return home in case the air temperature drops. In a mild winter the queen may start to lay a few eggs. The resulting larvae must be kept warm in the middle of the cluster.

On the Honey FarmWe only have a few months of the year where the bees are dormant and require little attention; this is the perfect time to get all of our outstanding maintenance jobs done.

We repair old hives, make new equipment such as brood chambers and supers. New frames are made and sheets of wax foundation are added to them. This new equipment is stockpiled in readiness for the coming season.

In the honey extraction room all the equipment is fully serviced in readiness for the coming season.

Any items of equipment that we cannot repair or make have to be ordered from suppliers.



Jan-Feb Gallery


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Hives in the snow

Hives in the snow


 Winter cluster

A Winter Cluster


Rob making a frame feeder

Making a frame feeder


Some new equipment for the season

New Equipment