Our Honey

Spring Honey

At Gabriel's Honey Farm we strive to produce English honey of the highest quality. Our hives are predominately sited on farm locations in east Hertfordshire.

During the spring the bees are able to forage on many wild spring blossoms (see our bee flower calendar).

These early nectar sources are then complimented by the massive fields of Oilseed Rape that give our countryside the familiar splash of striking yellow.

The nectar from this early season blossom yields a pale mild flavoured honey. Its distinctive character is that the honey sets or crystallizes* very quickly with a very fine texture. With a special process called ‘creaming’ this smooth honey is softened then packed in jars and will remain spreadable (see the picture of our Spring Honey in the adjacent panel). Try our Spring Honey on toast or in sandwiches!

Summer Honey

As the early spring blossoms diminish and the yellow fields fade then the Field Beans come into bloom. In humid conditions the flowers give a strong perfume to the farm. The nectar from the beans combined with other flowers such as brambles, clover and lime yields our Summer Honey. This honey is golden in colour with a beautiful rich flavour. Unlike the Spring Honey the Summer Honey is liquid and is very versatile for use: In hot drinks and cooking; drizzling over breakfast cereals or yogurt (see the picture of our Summer Honey in the adjacent panel).


Unprocessed liquid honey will crystallize eventually. This does not mean the honey has ‘gone off’ or that sugar has been put in the honey. By gently warming the jar in a saucepan of warm water or placing in a low heat oven the clarity can be restored.

Our honey is available from local stockists, in the east Herts area. Please see stockists list for details.

We can also be found at the Little Hadham Farmers’ Market (click here for dates).


Our Honey Gallery

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 Bees on comb

Bees on honeycomb


Field of Rapeseed

Field of Rape flowers


 Jar of Spring Honey

Our Spring Honey


Jar of Summer Honey

Our Summer Honey


 Honey extracting room

Honey Extracting Room