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Gabriel's Honey Farm Ltd. is owned and run by me (Rob Gabriel); assisted by my wife, Kelly. The farm is situated in the Ash Valley south of the picturesque village of Much Hadham in Hertfordshire. The honey farm location is the central hub of the entire operation.

The purpose built honey extraction facility is surrounded by four acres of land which is the base for our dedicated queen rearing unit. The raising of quality queen bees from our own breeding stock is the linchpin of the honey production. The queen bees raised from this site are distributed to head the 400 bee colonies that are located on ‘out apiaries’. The out apiaries are on individual farm locations where the bulk of the hives are kept.

Each apiary site consists of approximately 15 to 20 hives set in secluded positions on local farms where the bees can pollinate a large variety of wild flowers and commercially grown field crops. The boxes of honey produced during the season are returned to the honey farm for extraction, storage and packaging. The extracted honey is sold either in bulk 300kg barrels to honey packers and ultimately for sale in supermarkets or packaged in our own jars for sale in local outlets (see stockists).

My 40 years of beekeeping experience enables me to follow this quality honey through every stage from the rearing of every queen bee and building of the hives to extracting, packaging and marketing.


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 3 Generations

Three Generations of Gabriels


 Inspecting a hive

Inspecting a hive


 Rob & Son

Rob & his son Liam


 WBC hive

WBC hive